Weston Super Mare - Out of Season

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For the history buffs: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weston-super-Mare
Or if you’re a tourist: https://www.visit-westonsupermare.com/

For those that have stuck this far, this is a photo-documentary about a seaside town and what happens AFTER the season. Google will tell you about Piers and Air displays, and fun fairs (And a thing called Dismaland) and you can buy rock and postcards and buckets and spades, and it has a glitzy website all about the wonders of Weston (See above.)

You might even learn that Geoffrey Archer and John Cleese and a few other famous bods came from here. You might learn that Diana Dors came third in a beauty pageant here, and a group called “The Beatles” visited too…

But what happens between seasons? When there is no air display? No summer fun?

Weston Super Mare - Google it. Sun, sand, air displays, etc., etc.

But what happens when the tourists leave?